About Housing Recovery & Reconstruction Platform - Nepal

The Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform (HRRP) was established in December 2015 to take over supporting coordination of the post-earthquake housing reconstruction from the Nepal Shelter Cluster, as it returned to the pre-earthquake format as a standard cluster. HRRP provides coordination support services for the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), Building and Grant Management and Local Infrastructure (GMALI) Central Level Programme Implementation Units (CLPIUs), other relevant government authorities, and Partner Organisations (POs). HRRP3 is primarily funded by DFID Nepal and CRS Nepal. Other financial contributors and implementing partners include Oxfam, Caritas Nepal, Plan International, and the National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) which leads on technical coordination.


HRRP Structure

HRRP works at national, sub-national, district, and municipal levels, and across 32 districts. The HRRP has 12 District Coordination Teams (DCTs) primarily focused on the 14 districts most affected by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake (1 team covers the three districts in the Kathmandu Valley) and providing support to the 18 moderately affected districts where feasible. The DCTs are made up of a Coordinator, a Technical Coordinator, and an Information Management Officer and are based in the government's Grant Management and Local Infrastructure (GMALI) District Level Programme Implementation Units (DLPIUs). The DCTs are supported by a District Management Team (DMT) made up of a Coordinator, Technical Coordinator, and Information Manager. The DMT provides day to day guidance and support to the DCTs as well as targeted capacity building and has a roving presence across all districts.


The national level HRRP team includes general coordination, technical coordination, and information management expertise and supports the link between national and local level. There is also an operations team, MEAL coordinator, and translator at national level.


The HRRP has a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) which includes government, donor, and partner organisation representatives.



  • General Coordination: research, advocacy, reporting, liaison with reconstruction actors, facilitating interaction between reconstruction actors, and planning and coordinating field activities.
  • Technical Coordination: harmonisation of technical approaches, support for development of technical guidelines, orientations and support to technical field staff, and facilitation of technical sessions and working groups.
  • Information Management: tracking activities, visualisation and analysis of data, and capacity building support to reconstruction actors on IM and data management.


Areas of Focus

  • Monitoring and Documenting the Housing Reconstruction Process
  • Improving coverage and quality of technical assistance
  • Addressing gaps and duplications
  • Advocacy and Communications