• R58-HRRP-National 4w-180625-Public.xlsx    : : 30 May, 2018

    HRRP 4W is submitted by partner organizations who work under housing recovery and reconstruction sectors in 14 most affected districts in Nepal. The list of partner organisations (sources) could be found in sheet "PO_List" within the dataset.

    Other Information

    Partner organisations in housing sector

    The HRRP 4W data is collected at district level through collective inputs from partner organizations on their activities pertaining to housing sector. With orientation and training on the 4W template, district information management focal points assist all partners in filling and submitting the data every two weeks. District level 4W data flows to HRRP national level, where the compilation and cleaning are done and information products are produced according to the latest dataset. Data validation is done at district level upon submission of 4W data by partner organisation and further verification could be triggered by HRRP at national level when needed.