• R6_National_5W_181225_Public.xlsx    : : 25 December, 2018
    The NRA 5W contains update of activities by partner organisations (POs) and other stakeholders for the recovery and reconstruction of 14 most affected and 18 moderately affected districts in Nepal in response to the Nepal Earthquake 2015. The list of sectors and activities currently covered by the 5W are listed in sheet "Activities_Index" within the dataset.
    Partners can report their updates (5W) on various sectors directly using the NRA PMIS (Project Management Information System; Partners can request for login credentials if they do not already have one. 

    Other Information

    Partner organisations in all sector

    HRRP initially supported NRA in designing the 5W template. Starting July 2018, HRRP is supporting NRA in actively collecting the 5W updates from POs and other stakeholders. The updates are collected at district level through collective inputs from partner on their activities pertaining to various sectors of reconstruction and recovery. With orientation and training on the 5W template, district information management focal points assist all partners in filling and submitting the data each month. District level 5W data flows to HRRP national level, where the compilation and cleaning are done and information products are produced according to the latest dataset. Data validation is done at district level upon submission of 5W data by partner organisation and further verification could be triggered by HRRP at national level when needed. The submissions through HRRP will be populated to the NRA PMIS.