Dhading HRRP Coordination Meeting - Aug 8, 2017
VENUE     NRA District Office, Santa Bazar, Dhading Besi. (Opposite to Film Hall, Dhading)
START     08 August, 2017 02:00 PM
END     08 August, 2017 03:30 PM


1)        Introduction

2)        Overview of Last Technical Meeting

3)         Discussion on New inspection forms( Design Volume -II, Dry Stone & Confined Masonry)

4)         Brief  introduction on Type design of Confined Masonry by   MOUD/CLPIU

5)         NRA/ HRRP/ EHRP Reconstruction Update

6)         Experience Sharing from Partner Organization working on Northern   Parts of Dhading

            ( Constriction Status, Dry Stone Typical Design,  Availability of Mason)

7)         Current Scenario of Reconstruction  of Dhading district & feedback  from Partner Organization.

           ( Construction Rate, Compliance Rate,  Number of Trained Mason,  Technical Assistance Gap) 

8)         Housing Reconstruction Challenges and Experience Sharing       

9)         NRA Planning  for  implementation of  Exception & Correction Manual.

10)       Resurvey and Re-verification update in Dhading


Meeting Documents List