Preparation for World Bank Stakeholder Consultation on Lessons Learned and Way Forward for the Housing Reconstruction Programme
VENUE     HRRP Office
START     19 July, 2018 02:00 PM
END     19 July, 2018 04:00 PM

HRRP, along with some Partner Organisations (POs), has been invited to take part in a World Bank stakeholder consultation on 'Lessons Learning and Way Forward for the Housing Reconstruction Programme' taking place next week. The objective of the stakeholder consultation is to "understand the concerns and issues of the relevant stakeholders and their views on how to improve and expedite the reconstruction activities. These consultations will assist in preparing for the upcoming Mid Term Review (MTR) of Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project (EHRP).  The MTR provides stakeholders with the opportunity to review progress, draw learning and, if required, make necessary adjustments in implementation arrangements".

This is an important opportunity to contribute to the review of the housing reconstruction so far, and to the planning for what's next. In order to make sure that HRRP can appropriately represent the members of the platform at the consultation we have organised this preparation session on Thursday, 19 July at 2pm at the HRRP office. The schedule for the session will be roughly as follows:

  • 2-2:10 PM: Introduction and formation of groups for groupwork
  • 2:10-2:40 PM: Groupwork - split into four groups to answer one of four questions; what are the opportunities in the housing reconstruction? what are the challenges in the housing reconstruction? what has worked well in the housing reconstruction so far? what has not worked well in the reconstruction so far? 
  • 2:40-2:55 PM: HRRP presentation - will provide overview of input collected from municipal and district level, information that already exists on concerns / issues, and potential options for way forward
  • 2:55-4 PM: Discussion and preparation of key points to be shared at stakeholder consultation, with details of reference / evidence material

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