Community Reconstruction Committee (CRC) Support for Labour Exhchange in Katunje Danda
Published     13 May, 2018

Community Reconstruction Committee (CRC) Support for Labour Exhchange in Katunje Danda Tole, Melamchi Municipality-7: in Katunje Danda, the CRC agreed in its very first meeting to support the process of labour exchange for housing reconstruction in their area. The committee meets twice a month, and in every meeting the schedule for labour exchange is reviewed and updated. The most vulnerable members of the community are prioritised. To make sure that all households can get the construction materials that are needed, the CRC facilitates group purchasing of materials by four or five households at a time which lowers the material and logistics cost. There are 5 or 6 construction groups in the area at the moment. Each group has 4 to 5 people in it with a mix of skilled and unskilled labour, and all the members are local people who are contributing to the construction of each other’s homes, with the understanding that their own home will also be constructed. Each construction team works on a number of houses at a time. They will first complete the foundation of one house and then move on to the foundation of the next house to allow time for the foundation for the first house to dry. The construction groups are monitored by the CRC. This process of labour exchange saves people money (hiring a trained mason can cost 800-1000 NPRs / day and in addition the household need to provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tiffin) and has also increased the rate of reconstruction. The CRC are supported by a mobile mason, that has been trained and hired by JICA, with the supervision and inspection of the construction and provision of door-to-door technical assistance. Masons training for people in this area was provided by KOICA, UNDP, JICA, and USAID SABAL.