Construction Materials Quality Testing Laboratory Operational in Nuwakot
Published     15 May, 2018

The Nepal Bureau of Standard and Meteorology has authorised the operation of a Quality Testing Laboratory for construction materials at the Nuwakot division of DUDBC on 10 May. After thorough inspection of the test lab and its apparatus, the national bureau has given full authority to the Nuwakot DUDBC division office to certify the quality of construction materials. The test lab is a complete laboratory with capacity to test soil, sand, cement, concrete, construction aggregates, and bricks. The test lab, in a simpler form, was first established in 2017 with support from Practical Action, with funding from UKAid, with the objective of encouraging the use of quality construction materials in the process of reconstruction. In addition to providing testing apparatus, the project has provided training to designated DUDBC officials on how to operate the testing equipment and supported the division to establish a sustainable operation mechanism.