HRRP Durable Solutions Information Sharing Session 13th June
Published     12 June, 2018

Information sharing session from the Durable Solutions team. Durable Solutions is a DFID-funded program designed to support the NRA in facilitating the relocation of households displaced, or at risk of displacement, due to the existing state of geo-hazards. The primary objective of the program is to ensure that displaced, potentially displaced, and landless households have a viable chance to reconstruct their houses in safe places after receiving land and shelter support through the government’s relocation and housing grants.

The agenda for the information sharing session is as follows:

  • Introduction of Durable Solutions program, its objectives and main activities
  • Current state of relocation and other updates from the implementation team
  • Updates from the geo-hazard team: pre-monsoon risk-scoring of geo-hazard sites per district, their prioritization and implications for development partners’ programming.
  • Consortium’s work plan and priorities for the near future

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