HRRP organizes round table meeting on Discussion on Support to Vulnerable Households
Published     11 May, 2018

Summary of Round Table Discussion on Support to Vulnerable Households,10 May 2018
On May 10th 2018, HRRP had organized a round table meeting to discuss the issue of vulnerability support .The event was a preliminary discussion designed to gather information on ongoing and planned efforts from Partner
Organisations for support to vulnerable households, and as a first step for establishing a working group on this topic that will work on the formulation of guidance for effective targeting and approaches for support to vulnerable households over the coming weeks.
Basic Questions on Vulnerable Support
The first part of the round table discussion was focused on sharing of information around four basic questions. The
questions, and responses from participants, were as follows:
1. What are the vulnerability criteria partners have been using to date? How do these align with the NRA
criteria? During current programming, have vulnerable been specifically targeted for support? How?
2. How are partners approaching the use of the NRA lists of vulnerable households, vulnerability criteria, and
approach to vulnerable support?
3. What are the main challenges for partners implementing vulnerable support?
4. What modalities of vulnerable support have been successful to date? Is there anything other than cash, Socio Technical Assistance (STA), and in-kind support?
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