Published     08 August, 2018

Kathmandu, Shravan 22 (Aug 7th 2018)

National Reconstruction Authority has directed the concerned sector to continue distributing second installment to earthquake affected beneficiaries and related bodies. 

Authorities have circulated no recommendation for inspection and inspection for the past, after the news has increased due to increase in second-digit distribution in some districts till the last time of the second installment. 
Spokesperson Manmohan Ghimir of the rebuilding authority told that the concerned body should not stop the second installment due to the specified deadline.

"According to the first installment criteria, the beneficiary who started home to make the application for second installment has been called to monitor the grant management and the central and district planning implementation units of the local infrastructure and building and the local level officials and local level level technicians." 
Co-spokesperson Ghimire told the deadline No reason for any reason Ni with the first installment of the house and started to continue the reconstruction would start aspire to take the payments and that it has urged labhagrahiharulai.  


In 2074, on 20 September, the meeting of the director committee of the Prime Minister and the National Reconstruction Authority of India, headed by KP Sharma Oli, was scheduled to be held in the second half of the year till 2075 and till mid-January,  

Read full news at National Reconstruction Authority's website here.