NRA bids goodbye to Mr. Yub raj Bhusal
Published     09 July, 2018

Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Yuba Raj Bhusal was given a warm farewell at the NRA office in Singha Durbar today. The government decided to relieve Mr. Bhusal from his post on July 4.Addressing the farewell function, CEO Bhusal said he could make a contribution in the post-earthquake reconstruction works with the cooperation from all the stakeholders, including the NRA officials, the government staffs, the development partners and the media. He reiterated that during his eight months tenure, he could lay the foundation of the reconstruction of private housing which is set to be completed within the coming fiscal year.Prior to the farewell function, CEO Bhusal addressed a press meet and highlighted the achievements made during his tenure. The number of private houses being constructed has reached 235,394 today from 62,614 when he assumed his office.The number of houses either being completed or under construction at present has reached 504,062 and expressed his confidence that the reconstruction of private housing would complete in the coming fiscal year.

“I have done whatever I can to ensure that the reconstruction process gain momentum,” CEO Bhusal further said, adding, “I am satisfied with what I have done in a short time.”

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