NRA Information Session with NRA Submission of Proposals for Support to Vulnerable Households
Published     06 June, 2018

NRA Information Session on Submission of Proposals for Support to Vulnerable Households, 8 June:

The session was led by NRA Executive Committee Member, Dr. Chandra Shrestha. During the meeting, the NRA spokesperson, Krishna Dawadi, indicated that there will be further consultation on the list of vulnerable HHs and the NRA will address addition of vulnerable HHs to the list on a case by case basis. Dr. Chandra Shrestha requested interested POs to comply with the deadline (14 June) for submission of proposals. POs may submit either a full-fledged or indicative proposal. Dr. Shrestha suggested to comply with the formal grievance procedures for incorporation of additional households into the vulnerable list and informed that POs own vulnerability criteria will not be endorsed by the NRA.

Programmes / activities that support HHs not on the NRA’s vulnerable list will be considered general housing support and not support for vulnerable HHs. Dr. Shrestha requested POs to address gaps when selecting working areas. The Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) informed that, with funding from the World Bank, they are planning to provide support through mobile technical assistance teams across the 11 districts. POs were requested UPDATES & REQUESTS HRRP Bulletin Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform, Nepal 11 June 2018 Page 3 of 9 to inform the NRA if there are any delays in support to vulnerable HHs and prompt action will be taken. Dr. Shrestha stressed to POs that support of more than 350,000 NPRs per house is strictly prohibited. He suggested that there is a possibility that Community Reconstruction Committees will be revived (a recent report from HRRP on CRCs is available here).