NRA Meeting on Strategy for Training and Orientation on Housing Reconstruction
Published     05 November, 2018

NRA Meeting on ‘Strategy for Training and Orientation on Housing Reconstruction’, 5 November: the meeting, chaired by NRA CEO, Sushil Gyewali, focused on planning for proposed orientations at central and district levels across all 32 earthquake affected districts. The orientations have the following objectives: a. To fulfill the need for an adequate information dissemination framework from national to local level and vice versa. b. To strengthen communication and coordination between municipalities and government Institutions c. To disseminate information regarding revisions to the technical and administrative guidelines and manuals formulated by the National Reconstruction Authority. d. To develop instructors at various levels and an appropriate training and orientation framework. The first phase of orientations will cover the 14 most affected districts and the second phase will cover the 18 moderately affected districts. The target participants in the orientation programs are the Chiefs and focal persons UPDATES & REQUESTS HRRP Bulletin Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform, Nepal 12 November 2018 Page 3 of 9 of DLPIUs, District Support Engineers and the local elected representatives of the municipalities and rural municipalities of all the 31 earthquake affected districts. The orientations will also provide necessary information to the major stakeholders to be disseminated further at the local levels; to the ward chairpersons and members and community people. In this way, the orientation aims to cascade the information at the national level to the community level, thus providing much needed boost for expediting the housing reconstruction progress.

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