Second Tranche Disbursement Deadline,16 July
Published     09 July, 2018

Second Tranche Disbursement Deadline, 16 July:

It has been almost one year since the NRA first announced the tranche disbursement deadlines (see HRRP Bulletin from 24 July 2017) and there has been mounting evidence that the the deadline is causing trauma and stress for people trying to manage their housing reconstruction. The deadline is part of the reason for the large-scale borrowing at high interest rates that look set to cause a potential debt crisis. They are also the reason for people building small houses just to collect the grant. These houses do not meet people’s living requirements and cannot represent a successful housing reconstruction. It is very positive that the numbers of households progressing with their construction is consistently increasing, but as of 8 July there are 611,829 households that need support to get to completion. This is not possible within the current deadlines. Experience from other post-disaster reconstruction efforts shows that approximately 5 years is required at least, and urban requires more time. HRRP advocates for the deadlines to be extended for at least the next two building seasons to allow a realistic period for households to complete their reconstruction.